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Employee of the Month

In recognition of Kent Fisher
Employee of the Month – February 2020

Testimony by the Counseling Team of Highlands Community Charter
We would like to nominate Kent for employee of the month for several reasons; the
most prevalent reason revolves around his kindness. He is always thinking of our
students' best interests. He acknowledges their hard work and supports them any way
he can. He provides a safe space for students in his classroom.
Everyone who interacts with Kent walks away with a smile. He is constantly going
above and beyond to ensure students have everything they need to succeed. Not only
does he do this for current students, but alumni still come back to see him and receive
words of wisdom. Kent is also very positive and helpful to the counseling staff. It is with
great conviction we believe Kent is an essential component to student success and
deserves to be recognized. 
Kent has so much respect for his students; you can see it in the way he engages in
conversation with them. He truly makes them feel seen and heard. Kent has a lot of
patience and is always searching for ways to support his students and their growth.
Quite honestly, we need more teachers like Kent on campus. Students always come in
raving about him, and its because he is kind, loving, and compassionate towards our
students. Kent is open to having counselors pop in for presentations and
announcements and always makes us feel welcome. We truly appreciate all of his
support, especially when it comes to our CTE Programs. He is incredibly deserving of
this award.
Kent has worked strenuously to build a warm and welcoming environment within his
classroom and his students feel that. He has built lasting relationships with every
student that has walked into E1 and that is what makes Kent Fisher special. We are
truly blessed to have a teacher like Kent at our school.