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African American Male Initiative

The African American Male Initiative (AAMI) is a No-Cost educational program of Highlands Community Charter and Technical Schools. The mission is to increase the high school graduation rate of African American adult males 22 years of age and older.  The AAMI supports each student in earning their high school diploma through personal mentoring, monthly cohort employment and skill-building, networking events, and creating individual-specific career pathways in order to attain high-quality internships and meaningful wage employment.

Historically African American males have held the highest drop-out rate in the state of California.  As recently as 2018, the drop-out rate for African Americans in California was a staggering 15.3 percent overall, compared to a 6.3 percent rate for whites and a 3.1 percent rate for Asians. AAMI was created with the intent to disrupt those percentages and create new opportunities for African American males.

The African American Male Initiative partners with local organizations, businesses, and government agencies, to provide wrap-around services to each enrolled student in our first cohort which will begin during the summer of 2020.

Our goal is to enroll 30 adult men, 22 years of age and older, who have not yet earned their high school diploma - by the end of July 2020 (candidates that have acquired a GED are eligible for enrollment).

Each student will be assigned a mentor, academic counselor, a state-approved academic curriculum, and an individual teacher to support them on their "Bridge to Success".  Students will also be issued a Chromebook with internet access in order to complete assignments.

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To join the first student cohort please click on the “Sign Me Up” button below. To establish a partnership with the African American Male Initiative, please contact Kevin Taylor, Director of Public Relations, Equity & Diversity at 510.565.6979.
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