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Highlands Early Learning Center
Where learning and adventures begin.
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Welcome to the Highlands Early Learning Center!
We are excited to be offering this amazing program for our students.
At Highlands, we always want the best for our students.
That same energy and passion go into caring for your children
while we all navigate through these difficult COVID-19 times.
Highlands Early Learning Center is currently being offered at:
Grand Ave. 
1333 Grand Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95838
Maple/St. Rose
3200 37th Ave.
Sacramento CA, 95824 
Holy Cross
800 Todhunter Ave.
W. Sacramento, CA 95605
Grand Enrollment Packet
Maple/St.Rose Enrollment Packet
Holy Cross Enrollment Packet
4545 College Oak Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95841
3205 Hurley Way
Sacramento, CA 95864 
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Click each button to view its corresponding enrollment packet.
Summer Camp 2022 is open for registration!
The program will run from July 11th - August 10th for children ages 2.5 - 12.
Summer Camp Enrollment
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 kids playing with parachute  girl working on crafts  girl drawing on whiteboard