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About Me




My name is Ariell and I teach multi-level intermediate to advanced ELD students at the Maple Neighborhood Center campus. I have an M.A. in Education, and I have worked in education for over 10 years. I taught in Japan for 4 years where I fell in love with teaching ESL. 

I try to make my class fun, resourceful, and meaningful. I want students to enjoy their time and reach their goals, and I want to supply them with the tools for success. I feel that the power of language gives you freedom, knowledge, independence, and confidence, and I want to instill that in each of my students. 

Having those tools for my students is extremely important for me. In my experience living in another country, although being almost fluent in the country’s language, in times of emergency or times when nuances make the difference, I understand how hard the experience can be. I hope my students know they are not alone and I am here to help them on their journey of empowerment.

I am a lover of the arts, so I love music, dance, theater, ballet, visual arts, etc.. When I have time, I love karaoke and playing games. I love learning (as all teachers do!) so I am often taking interesting classes on topics I am curious about. Currently I am taking a shuffle dance class, an aromatherapy class, and a Japanese calligraphy class.


I cannot wait to get to know you! We are going to have a fun and exciting time in class together!