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About Me

Hello! My name is Christophe Chalaye, and I'm a high school English teacher here at Highlands Community Charter School. There's no school quite like Highlands, and I don't think a word exists to accurately describe how genuinely appreciative I am to be part of such a caring and wonderfully unique group of educators. When I initially came to Highlands, I was utterly amazed at my peers' generosity with, compassion for, and devotion to our students. Make no mistake: Highlands cares.


Prior to working for Highlands Community Charter, I taught high school English for Sacramento City Unified School District. My first experience teaching was for Sacramento State, where I, as a student-teacher, co-taught English 50. Sacramento State is also where I earned my Master of Arts in English literature. I also have a Bachelor of Arts in film and a minor in business marketing.


I love what I do. Few professions provide moments as rewarding as seeing a smile creep across a student's face because she grasped a concept or just received an "A" on an assignment which, just a week before, seemed as impossible as walking on the moon. When I'm not doing what I love, I do other things I love, such as raising my five-year-old son, reading a quality book, or dabbling in a bit of creative writing.