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Inequity Initiatives

Our Inequity Initiatives are No-Cost educational programs of
Highlands Community Charter and Technical Schools.
The mission is to increase the high school graduation rate of African American adult males, Latin X adult males, and Women of Color 22 years of age and older.  The AAMI/WOCI/LXMI supports each student in earning their high school diploma through personal mentoring, monthly cohort employment and skill-building, networking events, and creating individual-specific career pathways in order to attain high-quality internships and meaningful wage employment.
Each student will be assigned a mentor, academic counselor, a state-approved academic curriculum, and an individual teacher to support them on their "Bridge to Success".  Students will also be issued a Chromebook with internet access in order to complete assignments.
To join the first student cohort please click on the program of choice below. To establish a partnership with the African American Male Initiative, please contact:
Kevin Taylor, Director of Public Relations, Equity & Diversity at 510.565.6979.