2020 class

About Me

I am an English language teacher in Sacramento energized by promoting effective ways for language learning and incorporating technology in the classroom. I have been teaching adults for four years, first as a writing instructor at Sacramento State and then as an English language teacher. Every year, I have learned from both my students and other practitioners how to improve my teaching practice and share those ideas with others.
I am especially interested in sparking student interest and increasing engagement through content-based instruction and project-based learning. Teaching the language domains of reading, writing, listening, and speaking with only a focus on grammar is not the most effective way to engage students. However, when students are genuinely interested in a topic, problem, or idea, language learning simply becomes a medium of exploration motivating students to use the target language authentically. Giving adults a chance to participate in inquiry-based content prepares them with 21st century skills for the workplace.

On a personal note, I am obsessed with my garden of succulents and herbs and spend an absurd amount of time tending to their needs. My husband supports this habit of mine. We prioritize time on the weekends to paddle board with our Vizsla, and explore many amazing places in northern California.