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About Me

To Learn or
Not to Learn...

I'm Dorothy.  Welcome to my page!  I'm an English Language Development teacher.  Teaching became a passion of mine after I started my bout in education in 2003, while in college.  I started tutoring elementary aged kids working in after-school programs and began subbing, teaching, and tutoring Pre-K through High School students up until I became an ELD teacher in 2019.  I love teaching English and also love teaching Math, which led me to start a Math tutoring business from 2016 - 2018.  I have a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master's in Information Systems Management...looks like I didn't go that route.. :-)!
I love collaborating and building a rapport with my students, and try to make learning fun and engaging.
I am a foodie!  I love cooking and trying all types of foods. Some of my hobbies watching movies, and hanging out with friends, and traveling when I get the chance.