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About Me

Welcome!  My name is Lisa Batturaro and I teach Low Intermediate Level 4 English.  I have taught students from all over the world.  I love learning from students and gain wonderful insights into their worlds-both past and present.  I currently teach English reading, writing, listening, speaking, spelling, pronunciation, and of course beloved grammar.  Every day I look forward to engaging the students in active learning, as I incorporate everyday topics into fun interactive lessons.  We play games, do presentations, go on field trips, have birthday parties, cultural cook-offs and much more.  My classroom becomes a second home for many of my students and a safe environment to help them achieve their dreams.
I have taught all levels of students from kindergarten to university level courses.  I enjoy the children and their whimsical nature and I adore teaching adults with so much knowledge and life experiences to share.
When I am not teaching I am avidly working and baking for my GF/Vegan/Plant-based business where I make healthy alternatives to those delicious sweets most people love to eat.  My family and I love to travel, bike ride, and hang out together.  I can also be seen dancing flamenco, reading, painting, and working on my children's book about my very own children.