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About Me

Greetings and Welcome
I am a high school teacher at Highlands and I teach Digital Literacy and Entrepreneurial classes. I am very fortunate to be at Highlands to associate with our fantastic student body! My background was in implementing manufacturing systems, but for over 20 years I had one foot in education. When the opportunity at Highlands presented itself, I entered education full-time.
When I was going through college I took a SCUBA class from a crusty old SEAL and one of his tricks was to send us to the bottom of the deep end of the pool in groups of five or six with one air tank and regulator, a bag of wooden blocks and a hammer and nails. Our instructions were simple: build something out of the blocks. As we attempted to hammer objects that wanted to float up out of our grasp all the while passing the regulator between us we were completely focused on the wood, hammer and nails. He never intended us to be successful at underwater carpentry, but in the process we lost our fear of breathing underwater.. For me this was a life learning lesson. I design many of my assignments just like Coach Howard. A favorite is to break the class into groups and have them quickly create a presentation and present it to the class. Yes, they learn something about the assigned topic, but their teamwork, public speaking, working under pressure, etc. are the skills I am really trying to hone.
As I meet our students I am always the one who learns the most. Many of our students come from another county and speak another language. Or have struggled through significant personal challenges. The journey they have traveled, the sacrifices they have made, the obstacles they have overcome have created wisdom in them. Leveraging these experiences is one of learning's greatest rewards. I am forever grateful to the students who pass through my classroom.
I love the outdoors and seek opportunities to spend time there, especially with my family. Floating rivers, hiking and backpacking, swimming in mountain lakes are a few of my favorite things to do. Big suggestion . . . .if you ever get the chance to hike in Desolation Wilderness (just an hour or so up Highway 50), take the opportunity. You will not be disappointed!
To graduate you must complete the Three R's, but make sure you come take some electives in E2. Until then, adios.