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About me

     I have one of the best positions at Highlands Community Charter and Technical School! It allows me to actual feel my vision, relish in student accomplishments that I dreamed of, but also be part of an incredible group of like-minded Highlands’ employees.
    As a publicly elected member of the Twin Rivers Unified School District’s Governing Board, I am more than a Highlands’ employee. I have a personal vested interest in the success of Highlands Community Charter and Technical School. After the charter was denied approval two times by the Twin Rivers’ board, I, personally, developed and implemented a plan to get the board votes to approve the charter on the third attempt.

     Acquiring my education was very difficult, and I have walked the walk of many of our students. This has given me a unique understanding of just how much Highlands is needed. Because of the amazing Highlands’ staff and students, the Highlands’ vision has become a reality. Knowing that Highlands’ students can actually have the opportunity to have a fuller life is validation of the Highlands’ employees’ hard work.

    I retired from the California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General, where I held several positions in management, investigations, finance and auditing. In addition for over 20 years, I owned a successful mid-level printing and graphics business with about 50 employees, but no position has given me the satisfaction that my position gives to me.

    With the great staff and students, Highlands, and its vision will live on!