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About Me

Hello. My name is John Franks and I am an ELD teacher at Highlands Community Charter School. I teach English literacy to students who have limited to no familiarity with English phonics, phonemes, or grammar conventions. I also serve as a tutor and student services liaison for our student population at Highlands Community Charter School, Opening Doors. In this capacity, I work to solve or mitigate language, cultural, and economic difficulties experienced by our site's low to advanced level ELD students, many of whom are refugees or recent immigrants to Sacramento. 
I love working with our students. Our student body is dedicated to learning English in order to integrate into and contribute to America's diverse society. Our school not only provides an English language education that significantly contributes to our students' ability to lead successful lives in their adopted country, it also serves as a community where students can learn about career development opportunities, social assistance, and pathways to U.S. citizenship. It is a special school - a school where American aspirations of inclusivity, equality, service, and compassion are prevalent.