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About me

Hi! My name is Anke (pronounced Ahn-kuh) and I teach English Language Development at the Faith Legacy campus. I have been with Highlands Community Charter School since February of 2019. 
I was born and raised in Belgium, a small country in Europe that is known for its multilingualism. My native tongue is Dutch, and I speak French and English fluently. I have always had a passion for (foreign) language education so it was only natural for me to become a language teacher.
During the past 14 years I have worked with students of all ages, levels and backgrounds. I have taught in elementary school, high school and adult schools in both Belgium and California.
My personal experience as an immigrant is what drives me to teach and connect with my students. I try to create a safe and positive learning environment in my classroom so my students can thrive and eventually find their way in the community. I am a living example of the American Dream and I love that I get to inspire my students to create their own!