Group photo of a class and santa and elves


Hola! Privet! Asalaam alaikum!  I'm Ellen and I teach English at Highland's main campus on Grand Avenue.
I am in my third year teaching at Highlands, but I have about five+ years of experience teaching overall.  My journey as a teacher began in Cali, Colombia where I spent some time teaching English as a foreign language (and practiced my Spanish). After that, and before I came to Highlands, I taught Highschool Spanish.
I have a deep fascination with exploring language as part of the human experience and believe that language skills are the most important tools necessary for success, and not only academically or in one's career, but in one's personal life and relationships.  It is my goal to continually learn new and innovative ways to teach language and engage students through meaningful lessons and relevant materials.  
I feel so grateful to be part of the Highlands family!  We serve the most wonderful students--from all over the globe--and our staff is world-class!  It's an amazing experience to see lives transformed through education at our school and I feel honored to be apart of it.