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About Maryna

Hello Friends,

Let me start with sharing that our Highlands Family is FANTASTIC, and I feel blessed to be an ELD (English Language Development) instructor here!

I started teaching English to children and adults in the capital of Ukraine - a country of my origin - in 2000; and when my husband and I moved to the U.S.14 years ago, I was eager to keep performing my favorite job: helping foreigners with mastering English. While getting my Bachelor's Degree in English and Master's Degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), I was teaching both American River College and Sacramento State University students, becoming more experienced in working with multicultural population of our city.

My journey with Highlands started in February 2017, and together with our students we have been enjoying our class time, as my goal is to provide all the students with a friendly environment where they are able to study, take a break from their daily routine, get socialized, and just have some fun learning English. 

To make sure the students have enough support outside of the classroom, we created our class Viber group!

We are learning a lot from each other! Our classroom is like a family, and we are learning countless things about different cultures, traditions, and beliefs in the classroom every day. I always tell the students that I am learning from them; and I feel that this kind of honest conversation enables the language learners to see the way they are treated. Our friendly relations help us build responsibility and respect toward each other during the learning process in our classroom.

So if you haven't started mastering ENGLISH - this incredible language - in a friendly group environment yet, welcome to our class where Learning is FUN! :)