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About me

As an English language teacher for the past 17 years to students of all ages, I have taken great joy in helping students as they develop their language skills. 


I taught abroad in China for 10 years to a variety of different students. For instance, I taught Business English to the International Business department at ICBC, one of the largest banks in China. I taught the plastic surgery department of the #1 Hospital in Foshan China and I taught the hotel management and staff of the Foshan Hotel. In addition, I taught at the #1 High School in Foshan as well as several middle schools and elementary schools in the surrounding area. During this time, my wife and I also ran a successful private tutoring business.


In America, I taught English in Colorado and California. In Colorado, I was an adjunct teacher at a small private college helping students prepare for the TOEFL exam. In the Bay Area, I worked for two training centers that taught students who were studying while they traveled.


All of this led me to Sacramento where I took a job with Lao Family Community Development as an English teacher. I have been an English Language Development Instructor at Highlands Community Charter School since August of 2015 when Highlands Community Charter and Lao Family Community Development became partners.

With much-appreciated help from Highlands Community Charter, I earned and was awarded a cleared Adult Education Teaching Credential by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing with Elementary and Secondary Basic Skills, Fine Arts, and Social Sciences as designated subjects. I have also had the opportunity to study and pass level 1 and 2 Google Educator certifications with the support of Highlands.

All of my experiences in teaching English have also been learning experiences. None of these experiences have taught me as much as working at Highlands. Whether it be in academics, technology, communication, leadership, or organization, Highlands fosters growth in not only its students but also its staff.  It is a great place for its students to learn and for their employees to work. I am proud to be an English Language Development Teacher in a multilevel English class for Highlands Community Charter.



Write a complete sentence.

This is a short video that gives students directions to answer in a complete sentence.

Answer written questions with a complete sentence.

This video can be inserted into forms to help the students understand how the questions should be answered.