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About Me:

I am an ELD Instructional Paraeducator at Our Lady of Guadalupe (OLOG) Site, in Sacramento.  I love this job because it gives me the opportunity to work with great minority students, teachers and administrative staff.  I am an enthusiastic para that loves to help students learn English and support them so they can meet their goals of going to high school or community college. 



I enjoy assisting the teacher when there is a language barrier between students. Some of the qualities I possess is being able to explain information to students in a way that meets each students learning style. Given the diverse backgrounds and struggles many of these students face, I think it is important to be patient and available for students when they want to talk about on-going life issues. I work hard in providing a safe environment for students to come to class and speak to me as needed. I believe being able to create this relationship with students, helps maintain student retention.



I love working for Highlands because I have developed good working relationships with administrative staff, teachers, peers and students. Highlands is a great place to work because they not only care about students, but also All of their staff. I love my jobJ