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About my current role

I currently serve as an Academic Programs Coordinator. I oversee two sites, one that offers English Language Development (ELD) classes and one that offers high school (HS) classes:
      • Bethany (ELD classes)
      • Grand (HS classes)
Boiled down to its core components, my primary responsibilities are around instructional observation/feedback, teacher support, and serving as an intermediary between leadership and our classroom-based academic team (i.e., teachers and paraeducators).
I absolutely love being in this role as I am able to support teachers, solve complex problems, and engage in praxis (i.e., taking research and making it functional in practice) all while still having opportunities to teach students one-on-one when I enter classrooms. My love of learning is fueled in this position because it forces me to continue to learn and live best practices in education, organizational behavior, leadership, and communication. Despite all these fun things, the best part of my job is getting to promote staff and student voices.
As you probably learned from my "About a person" page, I am a strong advocate for finding your voice and using it. I do anything and everything I can to covertly and overtly teach that message. Because I am in classrooms all across Highlands now, I am able to spread these lessons with many other students and staff. I believe everyone should live their authentic truth and honor their voice. Truly, it's a "use it or lose it" thing. But, always remember, what's lost can be found. It's never too late to find and use your voice.