Staff posing outside at our Trades Awareness Day

It's me...

Hi there!

This is me, Nooria Nabizadah, ELD  Instructional Paraeducator at Highlands Community charter school.

I am from Afghanistan and I speak Farsi(Dari). I am married and I have two children. I moved to the U.S with my family in 2017.

When I was in Afghanistan I was teaching in elementary school. I loved working with amazing and cute kids.

First, to improve my English Language I started attending Highlands. That was a starting my journey in Highlands. I got surprised by qualified and friendly staff. Later in a short time, they welcomed me to the Highlands family as staff which was unbelievable for me. So in August 2018, I started working as an ELD Instructional Paraeducator in St.Matthews site, and recently I started working at Fifth Legacy site.

It's hard to consider what I do as a job because it's truly a part of who I am and it's my pleasure working with this diverse community.

I love the environment in the classroom with teachers and students. No matter who the students are with which culture or language, I will welcome them to the class with a smile and will do my best to help them to achieve their goals and adapt to the new place to live.

I don't want to say they are my students, rather they are my family and we are all a part of

Highlands family.