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How do I support my valuable students?


I am a paraeducator at Highlands. I enjoy helping students both inside the classroom and with their needs outside the classroom. 


In the classroom I enjoy my time helping students who do not understand what the teacher says or what they should do. I explain the teaching strategies, and materials utilized by the teacher such as making email addresses, helping them join the Google Classroom, and all use other online tools. I help and encourage some of the students with behavior management consistent with the teacher class rules. In addition, I assist my teacher(s) with all the school related work.


Outside the classroom I try my best to connect the students with the community resources and Highlands partners. I am always available to them and answer the calls even at night. I mostly do follow up with absent students and help them with some of their personal issues to join the class. This includes finding them child care, talking with their spouse or whatever else they may need. It worked a lot and I have so many students joined the class even after a long absence. 


Because I am Highlands and I want our students to have a wonderful impression of me.