Sam Soun » The Para-educator! Why Am I So Cool? LOL

The Para-educator! Why Am I So Cool? LOL

- I'm half human and half "out of this world"
- I speak over 15 languages - just not fluent (LOL)
- I'm not short or tall, but I am dark and somewhat handsome
- I dance my way through life and sway with the melody of nature
- I like to think without a box - that way there are no contingencies
- I will eat and try anything twice if it doesn't .... me
- I like to cook but not for myself
- I love to eat chicken feet because I can use its "nail" to floss (my teeth) what's left 
- I live to learn, and I learn to live
- I am a student first and an educator second
- My students love me because I am comically weird
- I believe that it is not beer unless it's an IPA
- I received many community leadership awards from politicians who like to make themselves feel better (LOL)
- I'm an aspiring children's author (check out and purchase my book "Yoga and Boba" on - just type in Sam Soun - and click purchase - I can use your money during this time)
- I have an elementary school diploma and college degree - middle and high school educators misunderstood me
- I can do anything - but the outcome might not always be what you would expect (LOL)
- I believe that giving is best when you give quietly
Get to know me!
I am, The Para-educator!
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Thank you and have a wonderful laugh.