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Natasha Lutsik


Executive Assistant for Murdock Smith

 The way Natasha sees it, every step in your life determines the person you become and the path you take.

“When I was 16 I had my entire life planned out. By 25 I was supposed to be a doctor, and getting my residency, and by 30 I was supposed to be a doctor without borders,” she said.

Instead of completing her Bachelor’s degree and going on to become a doctor, Natasha moved to Colombia for a year and became interested in business management, which led her here.

Natasha said she most often goes with her gut. When she feels ready to make a change, she makes a change. Like how she moved from Belarus to the United States at the age of 13 to live with her brother, she trusts her instincts and intuition.

Once she arrived in the United States, she learned English, graduated from high school a year early, and got three associate degrees: one in social sciences, one in math/physical sciences, and one in language studies.

On top of that, she has 5 years of experience working in office and business management. More specifically, she has worked as a Purchase Coordinator in Colombia, as an Office Assistant in several law offices, and as one of our very own here at Highlands Community Charter School.

Before working at Highlands, Natasha said she had prayed that the next job she worked in would be like a family.

“Lord, I don’t even care about money,” Natasha had said, “I only care about the people I will be working with.”

Fortunately, her prayers were answered.

After coming on board with Highlands Community Charter School, Natasha started to see how driven and connected an organization can really be.

“We have a mission,” she said. “Seeing our students so happy at every graduation. Seeing their children yelling out so proudly, ‘That’s my mommy! That’s my daddy!’ And our students crying because they have achieved their lifelong goal of getting a high school diploma at the age of 50. It’s just such a good feeling on the inside knowing you are a part of it all.”

Natasha speaks Spanish, Russian, and English, and has quickly moved up the ranks in our office family. She is now the Executive Assistant to our Executive Director, taking on more responsibility by the day.

On paper, Natasha is the assistant to the boss. So if you need to schedule a meeting with the Executive Director, you can contact Natasha to set it up, but really she does so much more.

“I’m here to help students with whatever questions they have. Seriously,” she said. “I know the front office like the back of my hand.”