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Wellness Center



When it comes to Wellness, "It's Never Too Late..."



Location 1:

2310 Fair Oaks Blvd Suite D Sacramento, CA 95825 


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday • 8 am - 8 pm

 Saturday - Sunday • 8 am - 3:30 pm


Location 2:

5655 Hillsdale Blvd Suite 18 Sacramento, CA 95842 


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday • 8 am - 7 pm




Open to all students, staff, and alumni at no cost! 


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• Sign in at the front desk every time with the BRAIN app. 
• No children allowed at this time. 
• Wear appropriate and safe gym attire. 
• Bring headphones for personal music. 
• Single-room shower is available for use! 






Fitness Coaches:


Carson Mack

Carson Mack - [email protected] • 916.699.2556

Availability: Monday/Wednesday/Friday • 2 - 7 pm

CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)

BS Exercise Science


I am here to help you start, improve, or stay consistent with your workout routine. I will guide you through the gym and help with specific exercises or provide a plan for you to follow on your own to help you reach your goals!


   Email to Schedule



Bobby Best

Bobby Best - [email protected] • 916.839.6989

Availability: Monday-Friday • 11 am - 4 pm

Fitness Coach and Wellness Coach

M.S. Movement Science, Certified Strength Coach


We can work on fitness in the gym, then we can make a wellness plan to help you stay healthy outside the gym as well.


   Email to Schedule



Pavlo Palamarchuk

Pavlo Palamarchuk - [email protected] • 916.839.8980






   Email to Schedule



Haileigh Thomas

Haileigh Thomas - [email protected] • 916.776.7663






   Email to Schedule





Front Desk Attendants:


Kelsey Rogers
Kelsey Rogers - [email protected]
Summer Chan
Summer Chan - [email protected]
Mokhammad Samim Akhanh
Mokhammad Samim Akhanh - [email protected] • 279.297.4459




  Any questions? Email [email protected]


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