2020 class

About Me






My name is Katia but I am accustomed to Americans calling me Kate. I do not mine at all. I am from Ukraine and I speak four languages. I am a Paraeducator here at Highlands Community Charter School. I provide instructional support to students under the supervision of a certified teacher.


I am one of millions of immigrants who came to the USA to find a better life. I am truly blessed. I have found the life I desired. I enjoy being a member of the Highlands family. Every day I feel honored to serve our students, especially those with a similar history as mine. Our students of the Russian speaking, Ukrainian community.


Every day, I appreciate the opportunity to help and encourage our students. Because of my position, I meet new students from all over the world. For me, everyone is an interesting book. However, before you read the book, you just have to open your mind and then this «book» will be open for you to discover its knowledge.


I was a journalist in Lviv (Ukraine) for more than ten years. I have Master’s Degree in Journalism and here in Highlands family I was ELD student and after 7 months of studies I became an employee but I am still learning every day.  Like you and everyone else, we are all the students of this life!